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With experience in fleet management across a wide range of industries, Alata’s technology gives businesses like yours the freedom to operate a fleet that runs as efficiently and effectively as possible. Using a combination of telematics (GPS) and intelligent data analysis, we increase safety, efficiency, visibility and profitability, while reducing costs—all from a single provider.

Keep your wheels on the road with Alata’s turn-key fleet management services.

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Why Alata?

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Alata gives you access to industry-leading expertise, so you can transform your fleet from a cost centre to a finely-tuned profit centre. We help businesses of all sizes, with fleets large and small.

Our Team

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Alata has a diverse team of experts with a wide scope of experience in product development and software implementation. We help fleets of all sizes run smoothly, while saving valuable time and money.


Career opportunities at Alata

As a member of the Alata team, you’ll enjoy a fun, diverse and fulfilling career. Put your unique talents and skills to good use while making a positive impact on the businesses and communities we serve.

Corporate Partnerships

At Alata, we collaborate with the biggest names in transportation to get your fleet further. Ford, GM and Hino are all directly-integrated OEM providers of Alata’s forward-focused fleet solutions. Because our technology integrates directly into their vehicles, there’s no need for additional hardware installation. When it comes to telematics, Geotab and Geoforce have partnered with Alata to raise the bar on fleet visibility.

For ELD technology, Alata works in collaboration with Trimble and Motive to help you take control of your fleet operations. WEX is on our side when it comes to fuel and expense management. Alata also partners with Driving Force as its primary fleet technology provider and the only reseller of our suite of solutions.

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Your Fleet Management Partner

Alata’s team of fleet experts and technology solutions allow you to keep your fleet optimized and efficient without the hassle of managing it yourself.