Keep Your Fleet on Course

Get data-driven fleet insights to make the best decisions for your business—with no guesswork and no hardware. Using factory-installed technology already in your vehicles, Alata Atlas delivers an accurate, real-time view of everything you have on the road and in the lot. From tracking driver behaviour, generating detailed reports for safety compliance, recording trip data and so much more, Alata Atlas gives you 360° visibility, so you can confidently run your fleet.

Your Roadmap for Success

It’s time to take the weight of fleet management off your shoulders and feel the freedom of Alata Atlas. Easily access the locations, odometer readings, oil life and tire pressure of every vehicle you have. Record fuel consumption and mileage. Remotely lock, unlock, start and immobilize your vehicles. From quick recovery after theft to generating safety scorecards for your drivers, Alata Atlas never takes its eyes off your fleet, so can stay focused on running your business.

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Plan for the Road Ahead

Avoid costly roadblocks and keep your fleet moving with a 360° view of your drivers and vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week.