Fleet Insights from A to Z

Accelerate your fleet’s growth and success with Alata Insight. With a single-view, easy-to-access and customizable dashboard, you can quickly and effortlessly generate reports on all your fleet insights—everything from vehicle usage, trip history, driving events, vehicle snapshots and so much more. Whether you need fleet reports on inactive vehicles, custom alerts or vehicle safety scores, Alata Insight has you covered from A to Z.

Turn Fleet Insights Into Action

With increased visibility of your fleet comes greater command and control of how it operates. With Alata Insight, you can anticipate and avoid challenges, increase safety compliance, stay on top of maintenance, plan trips with ease, and gain confidence knowing you’re making the best decisions for your business—ones that are backed by data. Tailored to your industry’s unique needs, Alata turns predictive fleet insights into actionable steps that you can take to create new benchmarks for success.

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Drive Success with Comprehensive Fleet Insights

With Alata Insight, use data-driven metrics to improve your fleet’s output.