For Small Businesses

Alata’s fleet technology is here to make your job easier. Whether you’re a one-person show, have a dedicated fleet manager, or just want a bit of help with a small fleet, our services can be tailored to fit your unique situation and budget.

Alata can help you:

  • increase safety and security
  • boost efficiency and profitability
  • reduce costs and downtime
  • streamline operations
  • minimize time spent on administrative tasks
  • find peace of mind and more
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For Large Businesses

At Alata, we know how essential your fleet is to the success of your business—and handling admin is not your only priority. That’s why we’ve spent years fine-tuning our technology to solve the challenges of any fleet, no matter the size or industry.

Alata offers:

  • comprehensive turn-key service
  • complete fleet oversight
  • preventative maintenance insights
  • reduced risk exposure
  • a single solutions provider and more
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For Businesses in Between

We understand the unique challenges of fleet management and maintenance for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re scaling up or down, expanding or downsizing, or simply staying the course, our fleet solutions manage your fleet to help meet your business goals.

Alata will:

  • monitor driver behaviour and fuel usage
  • predict fleet maintenance schedules
  • calculate resale timing
  • reduce risk exposure, and more
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The Alata Advantage

  • products that fit your unique situation
  • customizable solutions to meet the demands of any sized operation
  • data-driven insights to solve current problems and avoid future ones
  • dedicated customer and technical support teams
  • uses factory-installed technology already inside your fleet vehicles
  • no costly interruptions caused by hardware installation
  • superior service with knowledgeable experts
  • innovative solutions that avoid expensive downtime for your fleet

Your Fleet Management Partner

Alata’s team of fleet experts and technology solutions keep your fleet optimized and running efficiently—all without the hassle of managing it yourself.