Fleet Products for Any Task

Alata’s products are specifically designed to help manage any fleet-related task with precision. From live GPS tracking and fleet compliance to driver behaviour monitoring, expense control, maintenance reporting and more, you can select the fleet management solutions that work best for your company. Or, subscribe to Alata Fleet—our full suite of products—to gain access to the highest caliber of comprehensive turn-key service.

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Alata Atlas

Alata Atlas dashboard

Access detailed insights in one easy-to-understand location. Using the factory-installed technology already in your fleet, you can monitor driver behaviour, get detailed reports to support safety compliance, recover assets quickly in the case of theft and more.

Alata Maintain

Alata Maintain preview

Minimize your time in the office with this fully integrated work management system. Alata Maintain keeps you organized by identifying, scheduling and performing all the admin tasks required to keep your fleet on the road.

Alata Inspect

Alata Inspect dashboard

This powerful reporting and data archiving tool will optimize your data collection and save you headaches down the road. Automate workflows, increase the quality and consistency of reporting and save time on vital tasks.

Alata Insight

Alata Insight dashboard

This customizable dashboard brings in reports from your software and displays them all in a single, easy-to-interpret location. Make crucial decisions with ease—ones that are backed by data and boost your fleet’s efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Alata Fleet

Put Alata in the driver’s seat and watch your fleet work for you. Alata Fleet offers all of our top products in one convenient subscription, working seamlessly together to get the best results for your business. With Alata Fleet, you automate admin tasks without ever taking your eyes off the road. We’ll find your pain points and help you overcome them. At Alata, we’re your fleet partner, and we’re here to make fleet management easy.

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